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Sales Executives

Brad Whitsett

joined the Micro Cleaning team as a sales associate in 2012 and became a Director of Operations for Bellingham's Location, USA by showing his hard work ethic, honesty, dependability, etc. Brad brings with him a love of business, entrepreneurship, sales, and networking. His interests outside of company time include playing the trumpet, international travel, toastmasters, house church planting, and motorcycling/cycling. Brad completed a Master of Divinity degree in 2010 and will be starting the MBA program in late 2014. Brad enjoys building teams and putting the right people into the right positions, modeling the 'Good to Great' principle found in the same name of book by Jim Collins. Brad is a visionary and team equipper, an innovator by nature, and is very passionate about building the best administrative & cleaning technician team in the cleaning industry.
Brad is also co-founder of the Lion Fortress Services Inc., Brad has also added value to Micro Cleaning Services and Lion Fortress Services Inc., by serving as the Corporate Chaplain of both organizations since 2012.'

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Phone : 360 319 5946

John Brashears

is a National Sales Director for Micro Cleaning Services and for Lion Fortress Services. John's previous sales experience includes recreational vehicle sales. He grew up in the Midwest USA. John comes from a family of distinguished sales people. He lettered in football at Pittsburg State University. His team was a national runner's up in 2004 for division 2. He briefly served in the armed forces. John loves fishing, hiking, camping and pretty much anything outdoors. John is one of our very good sales executives.

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Phone : 509 859 7899