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Micro Cleaning - Common Cleaning Mistakes

Green cleaning means training your employees to think differently about how they clean. Some of the ways employees clean are not only inefficient, but tend to release more dust and dirt into the air than they pick up. Changing how things are done can make a facility not only cleaner, but reduce the use of chemicals and overall make a healthier environment for your employees and building occupants.

Begin by examining your procedures to see if your cleaning company is making any of these mistakes:

  • Using a feather duster or rag and spreading dust instead of using a microfiber clothe that actually picks up dust.
  • When dust mopping, swinging the mop around or shaking it vigorously – which spreads dust instead of picking it up.
  • Over-treating dust mops with chemicals.
  • when wet mopping, failure to change water when it becomes dirty – which then just spreads dirt around.
  • When cleaning restrooms failure to clean under the lip of the bowl and not cleaning the splash areas around bowls and urinals.
  • when stripping or finishing floors using too much chemical.
  • not taking care of cleaning equipment (vacuums, brooms, mops, buckets, etc.).
  • General cleaning – not dusting high enough or low enough – this allows dust to settle on furniture and floors. Dust that is not removed will eventually damage the surface on which it has collected.
  • not vacuuming frequently enough.
  • not mixing products properly. Using a chemical dilution control system or pre-measured packets